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We’re specialists in helping companies find the ideal way to raise brand-awareness through merchandise. G3 offer a friendly, guided service.

Working with dozens of partners, we source the best quality, lowest price merchandise for you, from the regular to the remarkable!

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How we work

Most suppliers present you with 10,000 products and leave you to guess which might be the right one. G3 are a little bit different. You can look through our partner catalogues for inspiration, then call us and we help you pick the right product for your situation.

G3 only source from the best manufacturers, and we’ve been helping people select the perfect merchandise for years. Rather than just picking the cheapest and hoping for the best, let us guide you to finding the product that will make the ideal impression, keep you in your customers mind for longer – and lead to more sales.

Just call us: 07836 576 615

Latest Offer

The Best Of…

Curating the best offers from hundreds of bargains.

Why no prices?

We’re all about getting you the best quality at the best price from the best supplier. With some prices changing daily, it’s not always practical to try and keep them up to date.
Where possible our partners will give prices. If there isn’t one and you’d like a ball-park costing, give us a call, we’re always happy to help.

Our commitment
to you

We are constantly scouring the landscape to find the best value, the most original and the highest quality products for you.

From staples like pens, coasters and clothing to the weird and wonderful such as stress toys and logo-bugs. If it meets our high standards we will let you know.

Our weekly offer brings you the very best in both discounted items and some favourites from the stranger and more delightful products you can use to intrigue and amuse customers.

Shop by requirements

Find what you need and then call us: 07836 576 615
Find ideas in what others choose for their promotions.

With famous names such as Motorola, Philips and GearX ready to be branded with your company logo and details, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our luxury catalogue.

Ideal for small businesses or events, order from just 1 item.

Shop by type

Browse, select and then phone: 07836 576 615


Why we work this way
There are hundreds of people selling merchandise, and hundreds of websites with endless lists of the thousands of things you can buy. Bewildering isn’t it!

We provide you with links to our suppliers in the interest of being open. You can see what’s on offer and check prices if you want.

What we offer, however, is for you to ignore all these links! Rather than spend hours searching you can spend minutes talking, and then let us find the ideal solution for you. We wander the maze of merchandising every day – and we know the way!

Buying Advice

It sounds simple, but the first thing to do is try and ask what you would want. If someone was promoting your business, what gift, gimmick or gadget would feel right.

A computer firm might use branded USB sticks. A life coach might offer stress toys. Accountants and service industries will probably use more traditional pens or mugs.

Consider your business, is there an obvious tie-in?

Then consider what you want to say, that you’re reliable or fun, serious or premium and so on.

Finally, make it appropriate to the event. Daily give-aways should be simple and flexible, like calendars or notepads. If your attending a serious conference, then pens or wallets may suit. For staff gifts or business birthdays, you can choose something lighter like a squashy animal or fun t-shirt.

Providing Artwork

Artwork should be high resolution. That means 300dpi. Images taken from websites are generally not suitable.

It should be supplied as JPG, PNG, TIFF or BMP if possible.

You can find out if your image is high resolution by getting ‘File Information’, by right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer, or Mac Finder.

We can assist with artwork, but this may result in a small charge.

We will provide you with dimensions for the product you require. Many will need single colour artwork. This means BLACK ONLY, with a white background.

For logos or art with many colours, converting them to greayscale, then to monochrome will often render good art.

If you’re unsure, you should ask your designer or a professional with help in producing the right artwork.

Only a mobile number?
Our main activity is visiting merchandisers, striking great deals and keeping an eye on what’s new and what’s hot. We’re rarely in an office – in fact we rarely sit still!

Mobile is the best way to get in touch if you need to talk through your merchandising needs. Otherwise an email works too!

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As easy as 1, 2, G3

It’s our mission to simplify the often bewildering process of finding the right promotional products.

If you don’t even want to look, we’re happy to advise you from scratch – in fact it often saves everyone time and effort!

For help choosing, or to order, just call:

07836 576 615

Or make an enquiry through our contact form and we’ll respond within 1 working day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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